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We Are Born to Overcome !!!

We Are Born to Overcome !!! Whooweee, once you realize this, life becomes Joyful. The inner victim is created to be conquered by the inner victor. The heroic journey truly starts when you tap into that heroic energy, that champion within that says, ‘Its Winning Time”. Are we whiners or winners? We are in victim … Continue reading

The 7 “Secret” Universal Laws for Success and Life!

Free Teleconference This call will flat out blow you away. We all have heard about the Law of Attraction, but that’s only one Law. There are 6 others you really need to know about to truly create your reality. Here’s the first 3 Laws 1. Cause and effect 2. Correspondence 3. Attraction. I will explain … Continue reading

5 Principals for Massive Success

This is a Free Tele-Conference for tonight at 7pm pt. The Mooney Twins will share with you 5 dynamic principles that will help take you to the next level mentally and financially. Tele-conference is 7pm pt Dial-in Number: (661) 673-8600 Participant Access Code: 662936#


The Mooney Twins are deeply loved for their contributions to the entertainment industry; their great strides in the human potential/self development movement. In the early years of their careers, the Mooney Twins were perhaps most fondly endeared for their roles as young Kenny Rae and Benny Rae in the 1979 sports/fantasy comedy film “The Fish … Continue reading

The Warriors way For Success!

The Warriors way For Success! The Warrior is a champion, a winner, a success story in motion. She never give up. I am in it to win it frame of mind. He knows how to have the right body language, vocabulary and mind-set for success. We remember a time when we thought like a victim, … Continue reading

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