We Are Born to Overcome !!!

We Are Born to Overcome !!!

Whooweee, once you realize this, life becomes Joyful.

The inner victim is created to be conquered by the inner victor. The heroic journey truly starts when you tap into that heroic energy, that champion within that says,

‘Its Winning Time”.

Are we whiners or winners? We are in victim mind set when we feel that life is happening to us rather than our victor mind set that knows we are making life happen. I remember a time when Dwayne and I were having a hard time performing and speaking together, getting in each others way, cutting off each others words therefore thoughts.

We thought of breaking up, but we knew that the creator made us twins for a reason so we decided to make it work. We worked on giving each other room to talk and joke, worked on being in harmony with each other, watching other teams and other twins who work together we took the good and eliminated the bad.

We had to make a serious decision because we both wanted to be Michael Jordan and no one wanted to be Scottie Pippin, LOL.

So we had to look at a giver, Magic Johnson.
We both could be Magic and pass the joke, set each other up for the punch line, give each other room to move and groove
So we combined the philosophies of Magic and MJ and became two Magic Jordans, LOL

Both of us able to assist and be the go to Twin, LOL.
We overcame our blaming, frustration and mediocrity. We were focused on becoming outstanding a voila it happened. We became masters of duo communication.

You have your own obstacles, challenges and problems to overcome. Life is full of challenges on so many levels, earth is a dimension of polarity. There is ease and there is struggle. Its how you look at struggle, challenges and problems that make the difference.

When facing road blocks, relax, go deep within, breath from the stomach, straighten up, hold your head up high, think and speak like a victor, and take assertive actions on the solutions you have imagined. Overcome yourself and see it as you want it then make it as you see it. Then pray-fully you will change that inner song that sings “I shall overcome someday” to “I have overcome today.”

Victory must be your only option, It’s your choice.

It’s Winning Time!!!


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