Motivational Speakers

Let the Mooney Twins provide the keys to open the doors and break down the barriers that exist in your group or organization. Unlock the potential that will push your people into the forefront of personal and business endeavors. The Mooney Twins know what it takes to inspire men, women and young people to action and will ignite your function with dynamic energy. 

Never in our history has it been more crucial for our nation to develop and maintain high levels of communication,  decipher from a bombardment of messages, stay readily informed, while keeping entertained…

The Mooney Twins tailor presentations to fit specific audiences. They do not use R rated comedy materials at corporate speaking, or charitable engagements. All college and coorporate presentations are clean and non offensive.

For Bookings: (323) 328-0067 

The Mooney Twins are funny, smart and engaged thinkers who add something meaningful and delightful to every event.  Need a keynote speaker for your occasion?  The Mooney Twins are your men! 




2 Responses to “Motivational Speakers”
  1. Is there a video somewhere of these guys?

    • Yes! Please look to the right of the page you commented to see several videos. In the top right video, in orange: The Mooney Twins discuss “Success in the Fast Lane”.

      If you are further interested, please feel free to download their media kit which is provided on this website.

      Also, look forward to an email meet and greet very soon.

      Mooney Twins Live Admin,

      All the best!

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