Stand-up Comedy and Motivation  for the Elderly, Disabled, Homeless and At-Risk…

The Mooney Twins’ Live Comedy & Motivation for Charities and Care Centers Foundation –Provides comedy and motivational entertainment shows that uplift and support charities, non-profits and care centers.  Performances feature local comedians, public speakers, and other entertainment; and are produced by The Mooney Twins Live.

Laughter is an important ingredient for emotional health and well-being. The elderly, disabled, homeless and at risk deserve a regular dose of enjoyment and motivation to stave off depression and boredom. This is a service the Mooney Twins are thrilled to provide, in the spirit of giving. “We have been blessed with wonderful talents and the love of our community” sharing some of that with those who can use it most is just the very least we can do.” – the Mooney Twins

The Mooney Twins’ Live Comedy & Motivation for Charity and Care Centers Foundation is delighted to visit retirement homes, churches, hospitals, hospices and shelters to facilitate joy and laughter to residents, patients and members.  Joyous laughter is a warming activity and the Mooney Twins are welcomed friends. Laughter is found to improve health and well-being even in the most dire of circumstances.

We Serve: Seniors * Patients * Children * Hospitals * Hospices * Convelescent Homes  * Shelters and more * ESL Volunteers and Clients Welcomed

Make a Donation:

This service relies solely on donations to continue its operation.

You may donate directly from this page. Donations over $1000,00 will be recognized in our annual reports, in a monthly newsletter with the donor’s profile and included in a press release to business media, our sponsors and clientele. The annual report will be published nationally. Donations over $500.00 will be mentioned in our monthly newsletter. We are excited to recieve small donations as well. Donations under $500.00 will recieve our free newsletter which includes discounts and freebies on entertainment services.  All donations are tax deductible.

There are many ways to support this cause; find out how. Email: or call 323-328-0067.


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