The Mooney Twins maintain a place in the hearts of Americans nation wide for their contributions to the entertainment industry; their great strides in the human potential/self development movement; and also in connection with their father, the legendary, Paul Mooney.

In the early years of their careers, the Mooney Twins (Dwayne and Daryl Mooney as photographed from left to right) were perhaps most fondly remembered for their star roles as young Kenny Rae and Benny Rae in the 1979 sports/fantasy comedy film “The Fish that Saved Pittsburg.” The inner city- community legends and trailblazers of ”Conscious Comedy” have dedicated a lifetime to energizing communities with resources and progressive, often life changing information, through the medium of comedy, social criticism/discussion and philanthropy. They remain beloved for their humanitarianism and humorous social commentary in communities throughout the United States.   

The Mooney Twins  behind the scenes and on camera credits include decades of special appearances, live comedy shows, and interviews on networks such as BET, UPN, WB, NBC, CBS, Showtime and more.

Their lifetime associations include very special relationships and memorable collaborations with comedy royalty, including Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney and Dick Gregory. Their school of peers include Chris Rock, Bill Maher, George Lopez, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hugley and Russell Peters. 

As social philanthropist, the Mooney Twins enjoy a long list of humanitarian awards and honors that span the 30 years of their careers in comedy and public speaking.

  • Did you know? It was the Mooney Twins who coined the phrase “Conscious Comedy”. 
  • Did you know? Daryl Mooney was delivered first and is 30 minutes older than his brother Dwayne Mooney.
  • Did You Know? The Mooney Twins are most always photographed with Dwayne seated on Daryl’s right;so Dwayne is usually always on the left side of photographs taken of the two.


2 Responses to “Bio”
  1. LaQuitcha L. Washington says:

    Greetings Mooney Twins,

    My name is LaQuitcha Washington (LadyQ), and I had the honors of meeting Mr. Dwayne Mooney at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta GA this past weekend (11/19/10). I was there with our mentoring group for teenage girls, (SOARS) Sisters Obtaining Academic Rigorously through Soaring. I myself am a christian comedian, and would love to have Mr. Mooney mentor me in my adventure of stand-up comedy.

    If possible, please have Mr. Mooney to contact me. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Lady Q

  2. Lauretta McIntyre Rivera says:

    Your High-school class-mate here. The messages you have are powerful. If everyone could and would follow them this world would be a better place to live.
    My husband and I are the owners of a SuperCuts hair salon in the L.A. arera and will have your voice of empowerment in our mind. See you at one of the reunions?

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