The 7 “Secret” Universal Laws for Success and Life!

Free Teleconference
This call will flat out blow you away. We all have heard about the Law of Attraction, but that’s only one Law. There are 6 others you really need to know about to truly create your reality.
Here’s the first 3 Laws
1. Cause and effect
2. Correspondence
3. Attraction.
I will explain these 3 and the other 4 on the Free Call!
I will be sharing some spiritual answers you have been praying for. These Universal Laws work harmoniously and effortlessly when you apply them because of them I have created my perfect mate and perfect career. I have so much more to accomplish, I am so excited to be able to share with you these awesome 7 “Secret” Laws. Through practice and understanding your life will be one fulfilling adventure I promise!! And its Free!!!

Wednesday Oct 5,2011
7pm pt
605-477-2100 code 608380#


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